Premium Training + Online Coaching (6 months, $139/month)


Premium Training + Online Coaching (6 months, $139/month)


Get a personalized training plan and online coaching to meet your goals and take your training to the next level.

What you get:

  • Customized training plan based on athlete’s goals, fitness, and schedule

  • Plan includes detailed paces, efforts/intensity levels, duration and distances

  • Unlimited email communication throughout your training cycle

  • Injury prevention tips, strength and cross-training suggestions and workouts

  • Race preparation and strategy

  • Form analysis (dependent on athlete—email me a video for analysis)

  • Initial evaluation/fitness assessment

  • Training advice, wellness/nutrition tips, and encouragement to help you stay on track and push you to reach your potential

  • Workouts are prescribed on a monthly basis, with modifications as needed.  

$139/month for 6 months; price quoted is the 6 month package total. Start date is dependent on athlete’s goals and after an initial evaluation/assessment.

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